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This Dainty Gold Feather Necklace is a true embodiment of bohemian beauty and free-spirited charm. This ethereal piece is delicately handcrafted to capture the essence of freedom, allowing you to dance through life with a sense of lightness and grace.

Adorned with a sculptured miniature feather charm, this necklace is a work of art in itself. Each intricate detail is lovingly crafted, creating a whimsical and bohemian vibe that is sure to captivate hearts.

The dainty size of this necklace adds a touch of subtlety, making it perfect for layering with your other favorite jewelry or wearing alone as a statement piece. Embrace your inner bohemian goddess and let this necklace be a reflection of your unique style.

Measurements: 18.5" Chain Length

Metal Finish: Oxidized 24kt Matte Gold over Solid Brass

Colors May Vary Slightly From Photos Shown

Apply perfumes and lotions before you put on your jewelry and let dry. Keep your jewelry away from water and harsh chemicals.

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