Rainbow Jade Vermeil Heart Pendant Necklace | Meri

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The rainbow jade vermeil heart pendant necklace is a true reflection of your vibrant and unique personality. This stunning necklace combines the natural beauty of rainbow jade with the warmth of wood and the elegance of vermeil, creating a harmonious blend that is sure to captivate.

Hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the jade gemstones showcases the mesmerizing colors of a rainbow, ranging from deep greens to vibrant blues and soft pinks. Each stone is carefully selected to ensure its exceptional quality. The organic wood accents add a touch of earthiness, perfectly complementing the vibrant hues of the jade.

The heart-shaped pendant is adorned with a lustrous vermeil finish, adding a luxurious touch to the design. Vermeil, a combination of sterling silver and gold, creates a radiant and opulent look that exudes elegance and sophistication. The intricate detailing on the pendant further enhances, making it a true statement piece.

Not only is this pendant a stunning accessory, but it also carries a deeper meaning. Rainbow jade is believed to bring harmony and balance to the wearer, promoting positive energy and emotional well-being. The combination of wood and vermeil symbolizes the connection between nature and luxury, creating a powerful and meaningful piece that resonates with your values.

Whether you're attending a special event or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, the Meri necklace is the perfect choice. Its versatile design allows you to effortlessly style it with any outfit, making it a timeless addition to your jewelry collection.

Measurements: Length 16"

Metal Finish: Vermeil Heart with Gold Filled Clasp

Stones: Rainbow Jade Mixed with Wood Beads

Colors May Vary From Photo Shown

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